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Seicon System

Revolutionary Vibration Reduction and Shock Control

The SEICON SYSTEM® is based on a simple principle that the company’s founder, John Cunningham, calls “homeostatic engineering.” The technology is broadly customizable, and can be used to isolate vibrations and reduce shock waves for equipment that weighs less than one pound up to building-sized items.

Not dependent on the physical properties of any single material, the SEICON SYSTEM® can be constructed from materials suitable for use in corrosive/seawater environments, as well as in significant temperature extremes. Equipment designed to incorporate this unique vibration and shock control technology can be tuned to meet changing operational conditions while the device is fully loaded and operating. For challenging installations where the mounting environment is soft or prone to severe vibration waves, an isolator designed around the SEICON SYSTEM® can be tuned exactly to fit each installation.

Customized Acoustic Solutions. Broad Application.

The revolutionary SEICON SYSTEM® has unique abilities to isolate vibrations and reduce shock waves. Originally designed for the isolation of seismic shock for buildings, bridges and other structures, the technology is broadly applicable to a wide range of uses, including consumer appliances, vehicles and propulsion systems.

How the SEICON SYSTEM® Works

As an isolator that demonstrates a non-linear response to soft excitation, the system becomes progressively softer as it deflects. The SEICON SYSTEM® is not material dependent, allowing the use of a wide variety of materials for the construction of the isolator and corresponding products.

The SEICON SYSTEM® also has exceptional natural frequency control capabilities. The natural frequency of the isolators can be adjusted while fully loaded and operating, allowing the vibration source to be tuned to the surrounding structure.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum weight that the VibrationBloc HVAC Isolator Rail can support?

The VibrationBloc HVAC isolator rail is typically used in pairs, and can support up to 450 lbs. in this configuration.

What are the dimensions of the VibrationBloc HVAC Isolator Rail?

The VibrationBloc HVAC Isolator Rails are 37″ L x 3.5″ W x 2.5″ H, and raise the condenser approximately 2.25″ when installed.

What is the maximum wind that the HVAC isolators can withstand?

The maximum wind that the isolators can withstand is based upon the surface area that the mounted condenser presents as well as the strength of the isolators themselves and their attachments.